Helpful Info

From your Link Leaders...

Link Leaders put together a video of some basic things that might help with your transition to LHS.

Check out Lakewood High School 101 video here!

Materials for classes

Please remember that if a student needs any materials, the counseling center has materals to lend/give out.

Many parents & students wonder about school supplies. With the change of technology and teacher perference, sometimes it changes but below is a list that will start every freshman off on the prepared and right foot.

Must Haves:

  • Jeffco administered Chromebook (LHS will be providing)
  • Binder(s)
  • Notebooks (at least one composition notebook)
  • Writing utensils: pens, pencils, highlighters
  • Lined loose leaf paper and graph paper.

Helpful to Haves:

  • Calculator (TI-83 )
  • Free-Time reading book
  • Planner (LHS will be providing)
  • Some LHS Tiger Gear

The supplies students use depends widely on personal preference, though some teachers and courses will have specific requests. Students will be given those specifics on the first day of class.

1:1 Chromebooks for all Freshman

As part of Jeffco's TechforEd Initiative, all students in 9th grade will receive a Chromebook to use for educational purposes during their 4 years at LHS.

Click here for more detailed information.

How to prepare for High School

Things to do over the summer that will help you prepare for High School

  • Stay in a routine! -- Make sure you are going to bed at a decent hour, waking up at a decent hour and getting at least 8 hours of sleep!
  • Work on your Math on Kahn Academy!
  • Read a book for pleasure and write in a journal!
  • Make safe and smart choices - with high school comes high expectations and responsibilities.