by Željko Ivanković 

Sculpture is such a versatile and rewarding environment to be involved in. The fact that there are so many ways of to use materials can be so freeing but it can also give you the "option paralysis" which can leave you stumped with what to do next. 

My pieces draw on the wealth of options and then focus on mainly figurative, object-based, mixed media sculpture. The focus is on materiality and innovation, leaving the narrative aside and opening up the possibilities to a more versatile and wider interpretation of the object. 

9 Umbrellas

Mild steel, Welded

150cm long

Wadding, Cotton rope

200cm wide

Concrete, Wellies, Fabrics

130cm tall

Wire frame and flashing, 35cm tall, group of 6 sculptures

Wall plaster and slate dust, 5cm dia. hundreds of individual heads individually mounted and changeable configuration