£350 each (7) + Delivery to UK Mainland (£20)

7 is a Crowd

This work has come about quite slowly through long research and look into masculinity over the last 2 years during my MA in Fine Art. Like with most things you do, I stumbled upon this idea, mentioned it to some people and they say: 'that is a great idea' and you end up doing it but always wandering if that was the right idea after all.

As a starting point that was fine but now they are moving into something else and are more about texture, figure in a broader sense, narrative, relationships, some form of discomfort around others and hopefully other meanings that you can bring to the piece as you are looking at it.

The material is what interested me the most and the surface texture that offers a unique look that I haven't yet seen anyone else use. The metallic shine combined with the sticky tar gives a sense of musculature under the surface, allows for fragmentation and unification at the same time as well as providing the cladding and preservation that I wanted. The surface is simultaneously a cover, protection and an organ.

The poses develop as individual pieces are made and the one feature that occurs in most is a slightly bowed head, giving a sense of introspection and submission.