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Counselor's Corner

Counseling Resources & Support

These truly are challenging and unprecedented times for our world and our community. Families, students, and staff alike are finding new ways of adapting to these changes. As a way of supporting our families and staff, we have organized our Mental Health resources here including District or Emergency Contacts and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities/Lessons for students and families. Please check back often for updated information!

If there are particular resources you are looking for or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Phone: (949) 936-8519 / Email: RebeccaChung@iusd.org

Stay well and safe!


Rebecca Chung

Elementary Resource Counseling Specialist (ERC)

Fun Summer Social-Emotional Learning Activities!

Now, more than ever, our students will need strong social-emotional skills to process the challenges we've been through and to cope with all the changes that have happened due to Covid-19. Continue to build up those skills at home over the summer with some of these ideas and activities to prepare our students for the new school year!

  1. TALK IT OUT: Continue to have open and age-appropriate conversations about Covid-19. Talk about what worries or fears they may have about returning to school. Acknowledge and validate their feelings, discuss what is in their control and out of their control, and explain the facts and information that you are aware of. More ideas on how to talk to your kids can be found on the RESOURCES page.

  2. REFLECT: Without the pressures of school, take time to reflect on this unique time we've been through. Fill out/make a Covid-19 Time Capsule/Journal to record your child and family's thoughts and memories during this time. You can find a couple printables on the SEL ACTIVITIES page.

  3. READ: Read and discuss books that deal with coping, anxiety, separation anxiety, friendship, especially as students may feel anxious about returning to school. Check out the BOOKS & READ-ALOUDS page for book ideas.

  4. CONNECT: Stay social and connected with family and friends by staying active inside or outside, cook/bake together, learn a new skill or send a letter to a friend or relative! See below for different activities to keep kids connected and active over the summer.