Patents & Publications

The following is a list of my patents and publications. See also my Google Scholar profile.

Cross-modality Active Learning for Object Detection

Kok Seang Tan, Holger Caesar, Oscar Beijbom (patent)

US patent 17363085, published 01/05/2023

Automatically choosing data samples for annotation

Holger Caesar, Oscar Beijbom (patent)

US patent 11521010, published 12/06/2022

Adding tags to sensor data via a plurality of models and querying the sensor data

Qiang Xu, Oscar Beijbom, Holger Caesar et al. (patent)

US patent 11488377, published 11/01/2022

SliceMatch: Geometry-guided Aggregation for Cross-View Pose Estimation

Ted Lentsch, Zimin Xia, Holger Caesar, Julian Kooij

arXiv 2022

Panoptic nuScenes: A Large-Scale Benchmark for LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation and Tracking

Whye-Kit Fong, (...), Holger Caesar, (...) Abhinav Valada 

ICRA 2022

nuPlan: A closed-loop ML-based planning benchmark for autonomous vehicles

Holger Caesar, Juraj Kabzan, Kok Seang Tan et al. 

CVPR workshop 2021

The Efficacy of Neural Planning Metrics: A Meta-Analysis of PKL on nuScenes

Yiluan Guo, Holger Caesar, Oscar Beijbom et al.

IROS workshop 2021

nuScenes: A Multimodal Dataset for Autonomous Driving

Holger Caesar, Varun Bankiti, Alex H. Lang et al.

CVPR 2020

PointPillars: Fast Encoders for Object Detection from Point Clouds

Alex H Lang, Sourabh Vora, Holger Caesar et al.

CVPR 2019

COCO-Stuff: Thing and Stuff Classes in Context

Holger Caesar, Jasper Uijlings, Vittorio Ferrari

CVPR 2018

Weakly Supervised Object Localization Using Things and Stuff Transfer

Miaojing Shi, Holger Caesar, Vittorio Ferrari

ICCV 2017

Region-Based Semantic Segmentation with End-to-End Training

Holger Caesar, Jasper Uijlings, Vittorio Ferrari

ECCV 2016

Joint Calibration for Semantic Segmentation

Holger Caesar, Jasper Uijlings, Vittorio Ferrari

BMVC 2015

MediaParl: Bilingual Mixed Language Accented Speech Database

David Imseng; Hervé Bourlard; Holger Caesar et al.

SLT workshop 2012