Workshops & Events

This page shows an overview of selected workshops, keynotes and events that I have contributed to:

[06/2023] Workshop on End-to-End Autonomous Driving: Emerging Tasks and Challenges

Workshop co-organizer, nuPlan challenge (homepage)

CVPR 2023

[05/2023] Workshop on Scene Representations For Autonomous Driving

Workshop co-organizer (homepage)

ICLR 2023

[11/2022] Finland-China-Netherlands workshop on Edge AI, IoT and Networking

Panelist "From Junior to Senior: Tips and Traps" (homepage)

FCN 2022

[10/2022] Workshop on Learning from Limited and Imperfect Data (L2ID)

Keynote speaker "Autonomous vehicles from imperfect and limited labels" (homepage, video)

ECCV 2022

[06/2022] 3rd workshop on Unsupervised Learning for Automated Driving

Keynote speaker "A farewell to human labeled datasets" (video)

IV 2022

[06/2022] Workshop on Bridging the Gap Between Map-Based and Map-Less Driving

Keynote speaker "Semantic mapping towards Level 5 autonomy"

IV 2022

[12/2021] Podcast interview

Interview about nuPlan (audio)


[11/2021] Tech.AD USA

Highlighted speaker

Tech.AD 2021

[12/2020] Autonomy Talks

Invited speaker (video)

ETH Zurich

[06/2021] AI Driving Olympics (AIDO) 6 Workshop

Workshop co-organizer, presented results of four nuScenes challenges

ICRA 2021

[12/2020] AI Driving Olympics (AIDO) 5 Workshop

Workshop co-organizer, presented nuScenes detection & lidarseg challenge results

NeurIPS 2020

[11/2020] Advanced Analytics, Beautifully Engineered in Singapore

Invited speaker

QuantumBlack, McKinsey 

[10/2020] Workshop on Benchmarking Progress in Autonomous Driving

Workshop co-organizer, submitted position paper

IROS 2020

[12/2019] AI Driving Olympics (AIDO) 3 Workshop

Workshop co-organizer

NeurIPS 2019

[12/2019] Workshop on Autonomous Driving (WAD)

Challenge chair, presented nuScenes detection challenge results

CVPR 2019

[10/2019] COCO + Mapillary Joint Recognition Challenge Workshop

Workshop co-organizer, supported panoptic challenge

ICCV 2019

[05/2019] Advanced Robotics Centre

Invited seminar speaker

National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

[03/2019] Mobility Futures Seminar Series

Invited speaker at SMART Mobility Program

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

[07/2018] Featured in CVPR News

Interview about my COCO-Stuff work

CVPR 2018

[10/2017] COCO + Places Joint Workshop

Workshop co-organizer, presented stuff challenge results

ICCV 2017