Dr. Holger Caesar, Assistant Professor

Intelligent Vehicles Lab, TU Delft 

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have come a long way in the past two decades. Yet they are nowhere close to safely carrying our children to an arbitrary location. Until AVs become a net provider of safety, comfort and reduced carbon emissions, a lot of work remains to be done. The real world is full of challenging corner-cases and unexpected behavior. My research focuses on finding more scalable approaches to address these corner cases by collecting, mining, labeling, training from and evaluating sensor data more cleverly.

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Dr. Holger Caesar is an Assistant Professor at the Intelligent Vehicles group of TU Delft in the Netherlands. Holger's research interests are in the area of Autonomous Vehicle perception and prediction, with a particular focus on scalability of learning and annotation approaches. Previously Holger was a Principal Research Scientist at an autonomous vehicle company called Motional (formerly nuTonomy). There he started 3 teams with 20+ members that focused on Data Annotation, Autolabeling and Data Mining.  Holger also developed the influential autonomous driving datasets nuScenes and nuPlan and contributed to the commonly used PointPillars baseline for 3d object detection from lidar data.

Currently Holger has the following roles:

Holger received a PhD in Computer Vision from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland under Prof. Dr. Vittorio Ferrari and studied in Germany and Switzerland (KIT Karlsruhe, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich). In his spare time he likes to hike with his small family, as well as sing, run or cross the Alps by mountainbike.