Useful Resources

Here are some links to help you get started - from thinking up an idea to some technical tips.

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Some great tips for beginning filmmakers - and not so beginning filmmakers!

Short of the Week has a multitude of short films from a variety of genres to inspire you.

Future Fresh Shorts is another great place to find short films.

The more films you watch the more ideas you have.

Film making tips and tutorials:

Rocket Jump Film School has so many great films that make you really think about how the films you know and love are made. They will certainly help you plan, shoot and edit your film.

Film Riot offers an amazing array of fun video tutorials for all your filmmaking needs. Stuck on how to do a certain technique? From directing actors to lighting to camera movement and editing techniques, Film Riot can help you out.

Talent Release Form


It is advisable to use a Talent Release form when working with actors in order to get permission to use their image in your film and in any marketing.

A talent release form is very easy to create. Simply fill out the respective fields and note the location of signing. If your talent is under the age of 18, you must get the parent or legal guardian to sign the form as well. After the talent release form is signed, it’s advised that you to make a copy for yourself and a copy for the actor. Thank you to premium beat for the use of this form which can be downloaded by clicking on the image.