1. Submit your film online in the following resolution 1080p via Google drive, YouTube, or Vimeo
  2. Submission form must be completed with full name, email, school address. Incomplete information will cause your entry to be removed from consideration.
  3. Contact information and email of a guardian or teacher is required for all films.
  4. Follow all instructions and rules. Fill out forms completely and accurately. Make sure that you provide any passwords needed for the selection committee viewing.
  5. Adult supervision is permitted but film content should be conceived and produced as independently as possible by student filmmakers.
  6. The Manila Student Film Festival is a family event therefore, no entries may contain excessive violence, profanity, sexual explicit footage or nudity.
  7. All film submissions should be original with language and themes appropriate for elementary school children.
  8. Multiple submissions are allowed but must be entered individually.
  9. Students may submit films that are made within school, during after school activities or in their own time with friends from out of school.
  10. Film must have been produced within the last 12 months.
  11. Films which are not in English must have legible English subtitles.
  12. You will be notified if your film has been accepted and has a scheduled screening time. MSFF organisers will make final decisions on screening.
  13. Entries welcome from individuals, groups, and classrooms but an individual representative must provide contact details on behalf of the group.
  14. Films SHOULD NOT USE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC unless they have the permission of the copyright holder. Use original or royalty free music which is freely available from a number of sites. See useful resources section.
  15. Films should include credits listing the title, music credits, and other contributors. If preferred, students may choose to use first names only in film credits.
  16. If shortlisted for the Manila Student Film Festival Screening, a talent release form must be submitted (an example of which can be downloaded in the useful resources section)
  17. The Manila Student Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission.