Kennedy Football

Welcome and thank you for supporting the JFK football team. We always strive to make our community proud. Our football program is built on our WHY? Our WHY is the central idea behind everything we do as a program. Our WHY is F.A.M.I.L.Y. - Forget About Me, I Love You. For us LOVE = Sacrifice. Everything we do is in support of our WHY. We have five pillars the we use to help ensure that our why is the driving force of our program. These five pillars are: Fun, Service, Bonding, Character, and Academics. Everything thing we do from the type of Offense and Defense we run to volunteer projects and team get togethers and built around these pillars and our WHY.

We often talk about Attitude and Effort as being the only things that we can control. We cannot control the weather, the officials, or the other team, but we can control how hard we work and what our attitude is while playing the game. We also stress the idea of No Excuses. We feel that it is ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. We always want to take ownership of our choices and work to correct any mistakes we may make. We consider our team to be One Team. Football is the greatest game because it takes 11 people working as 1 to be successful. There is no other team sport that requires so many people to work together. These are the life lesson that we try to impart on all of our players.

We are very excited for the upcoming season. There are 3 returning starters on Defense, and we expect great things from these players. Our Defense will be anchored by Seniors Koffi Gbekle , Santos Ortiz and Joe Draves. We have 5 returning starters on Offense, but some of these are at key positions, Terrell Davis Barber, Santos Ortiz, Dylan Long, Denley Wenner and John Olson.

We are looking forward to the third year of the new statewide football district scheduling, especially since most of the former Metrowest Conference is part of our new football district. We hope that we can provide an entertaining style of football with a team that our community can be proud of.

Thank you for your support,

Jon Anderson

Head Coach

Richfield Week Schedule 10/15-10/19

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