Q Comp Program

Chisago Lakes School District

2022-2023 Q-Comp MOU.pdf

2022-2023 Q Comp MOU

If you will be taking a Family Medical Leave of Absence, review Article XII: Approved Leave of Absence (LOA) on page 5 of the 2022-2023 Q Comp MOU.

TDEP Guidelines to PLCs and Peer Coaching

TDEP Guidelines

These guidelines were created jointly by the TDEP Committee and Oversight Committee. The guidelines provide clarity about the PLC process and the Receiving Coaching process for Chisago Lakes School District.

They will be in effect starting with the 2022-2023 school year.

Thank you to the TDEP and Oversight team members for their work!

2021-2022 Q Comp Annual Report

Presented to the CLSD School Board on June 16, 2022.

2021-2022 QComp Annual Report.pdf

CLSD Q Comp Governing Board


Dean Jennissen CLSD Superintendent

Sheryl Spray CLEM Co-President

Sheila Wiehl CLEM Co-President

Oversight Committee

Lisa Dexter Q Comp Director

Sarah Schmidt Director of Teaching & Learning

Brian McNally CLHS Teacher Representative

Brenda Schulte CLMS/CLEC Teacher Representative

Melanie Stever Primary/FC Teacher Representative

Leah Sunquist Taylors Falls Teacher Representative

Shelley Wilmer Lakeside Teacher Representative

Sara Johnson Admin Representative

Jim Gillach Admin Representative

Megan Hyde Admin Representative

CLSD Q Comp Teacher Leaders

Q Comp Director

Lisa Dexter

Financial Coordinator

Kelly Jo Campbell

Peer Coaching Facilitators

Maria Benson Lakeside

Leah Lacefield CLHS

Krista Overgaard Lakeside

Meghan Phelps CLMS

Stephanie Sargeant Primary

Ed Wakefield CLMS

Michelle Wille CLHS

Becca Johnson Taylors Falls

PLC Facilitators

Laura Albertson CLMS

Andrea Hitchcock Lakeside

Kim Hofmann CLHS

Peg Killeen Lakeside

Mollie McNally CLHS

Jessica Randall CLMS

Jill Underhill Primary

Molly Valentin Taylors Falls