Library Policies



  • Due date two weeks from check-out. Overdue items will result in a fine of 5 cents per day an item is overdue.
  • A/V equipment is available for overnight checkout.
  • YOU are responsible for what you check out (failure to bring items back will reflect on the Obligation List and/or detention)
  • Textbooks must be returned at the end of each semester

Passes to the Library

  • Before or after school, no pass needed to come to Library.
  • At all other times, passes are needed (study hall pass, planner pass, goldenrod pass) – one student per pass.

Absolutely no eating your lunch in the Library.

Be respectful of others with regard to noise and cleaning up.

Failure to be respectful can potentially revoke your library privileges.

Additional Resources Available

  • Laptop computers that can be used in the library.
  • Rolls of colored paper, tagboard
  • Boxes for supplies for check-out (markers, scissors, glue, etc )
  • Current magazines
  • Ellison die cutter
  • Paper cutters