The Chanhassen Girls Golf Program  (The Future Is Bright for 2025) 

Girls Golf

Welcome to Chanhassen HS. Girls Golf - 2025!!




Chanhassen Legion Post #580 - 7:00PM - 9:00PM


2024 Chanhassen Girls Golf Varsity Match Play Championship 


2024 Metro West All Conference Team (3) Varsity Team Chanhassen Players

2024 Chanhassen Storm Girls Golf - All Senior Team - Plaques

2024 Chanhassen Storm JV Team Girls Golf Team Awards - Golf Medal Awards 

2024 Chanhassen Girls Golf JV Match Play Championship



1) Sybella Engler (10) Wins 1up - ( 2024 JV Match Play Champion) - Congratulations!



Thank You, 

Coach K-



10 Sybella Engler (10) wins 1up - ( 2024 JV Match Play Champion) - Congratulations 





in the Clubhouse Scoring Banquet Room at Bunker Hills GC, by 10:00AM - Thank you!


Early Out Time from High School & CME: 10:15AM - Wednesday April 24th Varsity Players, will Travel with Coach K on Large School.   Parents will pickup there Middle School Daughter by 10:20AM and bring them to the backside of Chan HS by 10:30AM for Keller GC.




Past Meetings/Events:

Storm Girls Golf Team 2024

Coach K-

Dave Kalthoff 




Girls Registration online for the 2024 Chanhassen HS. Girls Golf Roster - Storm High Golf Team as of March 18th, 2024 that are available to participate in Mandatory Meet on Monday March 18th and 1st week of Team / Groups Practices from 03/18- 03/22/24

Registration Completed: 2024 Players & Grade Level: Groups Varsity Blue & JV Gold Teams 

2024 VARSITY & BLUE GROUP: (8) - Please stay in the Groups Coach K has posted!

(Roster is full at -22 Players/Girls)



3)  CAITLIN BARNETT (12th) - Captain*

4) LEILA HUGHES (11th) 

5) BRYNN PLAISTED (11th) - Captain*


7) 2) CHLOE KAUFFMAN (12th)

8)  EMILY LANE (11th) - Blue/Gold

2024 JV TEAM: (14) 

1) AVA DENNIN (10th)  Blue/Gold

2) SYBELLA ENGLER (10th)  Blue/Gold




6)  JOSSLYN DEHN (8th)

7) SOPHIA ADAMS (10th)


9)  KENZA EL HADDI (11th)

10) MEGAN SWENSON (10th)

11) MEGHAN LEISEN (11th)



14) NORAH MILLNER (12th)



 2024 Dates On The JV Team - "Invitationals & Meets Schedule!"

2024 - Wednesday April 10th - Metro West Conference JV Meet #1 Host: Jefferson HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Tee Time Start: 2:00PM  at Dwan GC. (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia)

2024 - Wednesday April 17th - Metro West Conference JV & Varsity Meet #2 Host: Chaska HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Tee Time Start: 2:00Pat Dahlgreen GC (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, Waconia) 

2024 - Friday April 19th - Metro West Conference JV Meet #3 Host: Chanhassen HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Tee Time Start: 3:00PM  at Bluff Creek GC. Hole # 1 Frontside (Chan, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia) 

2024 - Wednesday April 24th - Rosemount JV Invitational Scramble - Host: Rosemount HS - (18 Holes & 18 Teams) Shotgun Start: 10:00AM - Emerald Greens GC. - Hastings MN. 

2024 - Wednesday April 24th?? - Metro West JV Meet #4 at Eagle Lake in Plymouth MN. - 9 Hole Scramble? 7-8 Teams, Tee Times Starting at 1:00PM - 3:00PM includes Golf & Driving Practice Time. Host Team: St Louis Park HS. - Not Available Tentative?

2024 Monday April 29th - Metro West Conference JV Meet #4 Host: Orono HS. (9 Holes & 7 Teams) Shotgun Start Time: 12:00PM at Evergreen GC. (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia)

2024 Wednesday May 1st - Metro West Conference JV Meet #5 Host: New Prague HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Shotgun Start: 2:30PM  at Creeksbend GC. (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia)

2024 - Friday May 10th - 26th Annual JV Irish Invitational - Host: Rosemount HS. - (13 Teams (4) JV Players per Team) Emerald Greens CC. - 18 Holes Shotgun Start Time: 10:00AM - (Ok per Barry W

2024 Monday May 13th - Metro West Conference JV Meet #7  Host: Waconia HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Shotgun Start Time: 4:00PM  at Island View GC. (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia)

2024 - Wednesday May 15th - Metro West Conference JV Meet #8 Host: BSM HS. (9 Holes & 8 Teams) Shotgun Start: TBA at Glen Lake GC.  (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Pk, Waconia)

2024 - Thursday May 16th - Rosemount JV Invitational Scramble - Host Rosemount HS - (18 Holes & 16 Teams) Shotgun Start: 10:00AM - Emerald Greens GC. - Hastings GC. -  (Ok per Barry W.

2024 - Wednesday May 22nd - Eastview JV & B Team Invitational Golf Tournament - Host: Eastview HS - (18 Holes & 15 Teams) Tee Times Starting at: 9:00AM - Par: 35/36 = 71 - Valleywood GC. in Apple Valley, MN.

2024 - May 2024 Chaska Dual Meet at The Loop / Halla Greens GC.  Host Chaska HS JV Team - 9 Holes (6-8 Players) Tee Times: TBA per Chaska JV Coach David Zittergruen - Tentative Event?

2024 - May Chanhassen Storm JV Annual Match Play Tournament at Bluff Creek GC.  (9 Hole Matches) (8-10 Players Seeded 1# - #10) - 18 Hole Final JV Match Play Championship to start by 10:00AM - Tentatively Starting Date May 23rd?

2024 - Tentative Dates: June 3rd, 4th, 5th - Chanhassen Full Team 3-4 Person Scramble Teams at (Season Ending Meet) Halla Greens GC. Tee Times Starting at: 2:00PM - 3:00PM  (6-9 Groups) - (Prizes, Snacks and Pictures' to follow) - (Last Day of the 2024 Golf Season for Varsity, JV & PSQ Teams) Congratulations to All! 

2024 May - Chanhassen Quad Meet (4) at Bluff Creek GC. Host: Chanhassen HS. (1st 3 Teams to Responded back- *Chanhassen, Southwest Christian, Hopkins, Holy Family, Edina, Shakopee, Jordan, Lakeville North) 9 Holes Tee Time Start: 1:30PM /TBA - Home & Home JV 1 of 4 Dates 2024 Season!! - (Tentative?)


2024 Girls Golf Season Team & Individual Awards for Varsity & JV Team Members


2024 MSHSL Girls State Tournament at Bunker Hills GC.  Tuesday June 11th & Wednesday June 12th, 2024 

(Summer Coaching Waiver: Coaches No Contact Week: June 29-July 5, 2024)

Note: Girls, Please check in with Coach Meyer at the Chanhassen HS., in his classroom if you have not receive your awards from this past 2023 Girls Golf Team Season listed below!





TENTATIVE TEAMS / MEETS / GROUPS: SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO: Weather Condition, Golf Course Conditions, Coaches Decision, Attendance at Practice, Practice Rounds, Rounds Played, Change of Date?



"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come."-- Dwayne Johnson  

Don't count the days, Make the days count." -- Muhammad Ali 




Please make sure to follow the Girls Golf Website for more details as the outdoor season starts.  Storm Girls Golf Website, Google Classroom & GroupMe for updates as Details and Schedules are subject to changes with the Early Spring Minnesota Weather in April and May? (Weekly Posted) Tee Times for Boys & Girls Teams at Bluff Creek GC. 3:30PM, 3:39PM, 3:48PM & 3:57PM?

Girls always be prepared to play, 9 holes on Weekdays from Tuesday - Thursday and finish your round of golf in under 2.10 hours or less, READY GOLF at Bluff Creek Golf Course)  - Coach K & Coach Meyer.


Girls always be prepared to play, 9 holes on Weekdays from Tuesday - Thursday and we need to finish our round of golf in under 2.10 hours or less, Ready Golf  at Bluff Creek Golf Course)  - Coach K & Coach Meyer

 If you are sick for the day, family issues to deal with, need to make up a test or catch up with your homework in school due to attending a golf meet, Please communicate with your Team Coach Meyer and Coach K, that you are unable to attend a daily practice each day you are missing.


Practice at Halla Green, Chaska Par 30 &  Bluff Creek GC. - **Weather Permitting**

White Groups: 2024 Season: Practice Location: Chanhassen HS Wrestling Room, Golf Zone, Halla Greens, Chaska Par 30 & Bluff Creek GC. Outdoor Practice Starting: Dates in April: TBA - Times 3:15PM - 5:00PM Daily Monday - Friday - Tentative Weather Permitting  - 2024 2nd Assistant Girls Golf Team Coach - TBA for Outdoor Practice Season - April 2024                                                                       


2024 Chanhassen Storm Varsity Girls Golf  Team Tournament Playing Schedules:

The Metro West Conference Schedule will be made up of up to  4 - 9 Hole  Meets, and a  1-18 Hole Mid-Season Meet and the Final 18 Hole,  2024 Conference Championship Tournament at Braemar Golf Course in Edina MN on Monday May 20th 2024. 

(9 Holes & 8 Teams): Tee Times / Shotgun Starts - (Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, New Prague, Orono, Jefferson, St. Louis Park, Waconia.)


2024 JV Golf Schedules for the Metro West Conference Meets and Girls Tournaments!

2024  JV Metro West Conference Teams (8): Chanhassen, Chaska, BSM, Jefferson, St. Louis Park, Waconia, New Prague and Orono.     - 2024 The Metro West Conference JV Schedule will be made up of up to 7- 8 JV Meets of  (9 Holes )  


2024 Starting Time for Varsity Team ( 10-12 Players): 3:00PM Please be timely, be prepared to play or practice daily.

**Varsity Letter Winners from 2023 Chanhassen Storm Girls Golf Team and New Team Captains ** 

Tentative 2024 Varsity Team Players, Letter in 2023** (10-12): Caitlin Barnett 12th, Kayla Murray 11th, Keira Schuster 8th,  (+ 6-8 Players)

**Starting Time for JV Team: (10 -16 Players): 3:30PM - 3:45PM **Please be timely?  - JV Team: 

B Squad Practice Teams A & B - Group A: 3:00PM - 4:30PM &  Group B: 4:00PM - 5:30PM  **Please be timely, follow the schedule to meet at Indoor CNHS Wrestling Room, Bluff Creek GC.,  Halla GC & Range  4 -5 Days a week at this time? (Coach)  **Groups revised  - TBD**

White A Group Players (TBA): White B Group Players (TBA):

2024 Chanhassen Girls Golf Coaches, will put together three groups to start the season (Blue, Gold, White) all Teams are subject to changes, at anytime, and is based on attendance, players scores, team commitment, availability, timeliness, grade level, group/team makeup, coaches decision. Girls listed on the Storm Girls Varsity & JV Groups need to be prepared to play 9 Holes, two to three time a week thru Thursday April 20th 2024 to finalize rosters, subject to changes and player cuts in 2024.**


Please note that All Groups are all subject to changes as we try to make this work for everybody as much as possible. The groups are setup at the start based on skill set, experience, past playing skills, knowledge of the game, grade levels if in middle school, and trying to meet driving and transportation needs?

Chanhassen Storm Golf Team Players  **Please try to Practice and Play on weekend when possible.

When Practices are Canceled or Coaches and Teams are playing in weekly Meets for Varsity, JV and Practice Squad Meets & Invitationals.

Good Practice & Playing Site in The Area: Chaska Par 30, Halla Greens GC., Glen Lake GC., Dahlgreen GC., Chaska Town Course.


Girls that have the skill level to play at the Varsity or JV level should plan on playing qualifying practice rounds to start the season at Bluff Creek GC.

** Individual will need to play two 9 hole rounds each of the first two weeks, this will help the Coaches determine the makeup of the Varsity and JV Groups and Teams.

** (Due to COVID-19 Pandemic)** All Schedules are subject to changes daily & weekly.. 

Practice & Playing Schedule at Bluff Creek GC., Driving Range  & Tee Times: April 2024

Weather, COVID-19, Everybody's health, The availability of the Golf Courses. 

MSHSL Golf Guidance and Information Spring 2023-24

The 2024 Spring Golf Season!

Stay Safe, Healthy and Positive In 2023

Thank you, 

Coach K-

Dave Kalthoff - PGA

Head Girls Golf Coach

Chanhassen High School


Chanhassen Girls Golf! 2024 

Follow us  on Twitter / Girls Golf Team:   @Chan_GirlsGolf


STORM GIRLS GOLF  2024 Team & Players Announcements: 

Captain: 2024 - Caitlin Barnett 12th

Captain: 2024  - Brynn Plaisted 11th



STORM TEAM GOLF BAG for 2024 Varsity / JV Players to Use or Purchase. TBA



2024 ** Please Check the Website daily and follow the Girls on the GroupMe App and the Girls Golf Twitter Account: 


Chanhassen Girls Golf -Varsity, JV Teams - PRACTICE & PLAY AT BLUFF CREEK GC. ** (5 Days a Week) 

Chanhassen Practice Squad/B Team - PRACTICE & PLAY & HALLA GREENS GC. ** (2022?)  NEW**

Please make sure you dress for the Weather Conditions - **No Jeans**, No Cell Phones during Practice Time, No Headphones, players are there to practice and work on there fundamentals, swing skills and all parts of the game, hear and listen to the Coaches at all times. / Proper Golf Attire Needed- Make sure to have golf shoes or good gripping tennis shoes. (** The Courses may have some wet area's at time during the early spring season** )   

Thank you, Coach K-


2024 - Practice and Playing Policy's at Bluff Creek Golf Course 

**All Players (7th - 12th Grade) **When listed to play with a Tee Time at Bluff Creek GC. Please make sure to be Early to practice before your Tee Time, is posted each day on the Bluff Creek Tee Time Tab for 2024 JV & Varsity Match Play or Regular Tee Time Posted Daily.  

**Also with the season coming to an end soon, Please try to get your posted Tee Time rounds in each week for the Coaches to use for setup the season ending Match Play Event for seeding of the players for the Varsity and JV brackets.. 

**Girls Please play Ready Golf when playing at Bluff Creek GC or in out Meets or Invite's. Chanhassen Varsity & JV players should be able to play 9 Holes Golf at Bluff Creek in 2.10 Hours or less. ""Ready Golf""  ( Par 5 in 15 minutes or less Par 4's in 12 minutes or less and par 3's in 10 minutes or less.) 

**Also All Chanhassen Storm Players/Girls Please make sure to always wear proper Golf Attire, Polo Shirt with Collar neckline, No Tee Shirts or Jeans, for practice or golf meets, player Golf Shoes or Tennis Shoes, "No Sandals".  Storm players please always play or practice with white golf balls.  Storm Players Please carry your own golf bag or use a 3 Wheeled Push Cart, No pull carts.

**Team Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1, Srixon  Z-Star XV Golf Balls, Team Golf Bag - Ping Hoofer Lite, Titleist Navy Blue Player 4 Series Stand Bag with Storm Logo and Players name, available to all Varsity & JV Players for  2024  & 2025 Seasons!