ISAAC believes that a music education for all children is vital for its aesthetic, historical, cultural and educational value.

At ISAAC Music plays an important role in students’ individual academic and artistic development as well as in building a student community. Based on the ISAAC philosophy about music education, we believe that music is an important subject for all students at the middle school level. Since opening its doors in 1997, ISAAC has always believed in the power of music to transform children’s lives. Every student attending ISAAC participates in our music program and has the opportunity to learn and develop instrumental skill, or be a part of our vocal ensembles.

  • The ISAAC Music Program strives to provide students the opportunity to create, perform and respond to music through a variety of experiences and activities that explore a variety of cultures and ideas.
  • Music knowledge and performance helps increase critical thinking skills, concentration, self-discipline and self-expression.
  • Music builds positive personal relationships with others and prepares individuals to live and work in a culturally diverse society.
Information Session 2017