Our Concept

We are an International Baccalaureate school – 100% of our Upper Secondary students take IB Diploma Programme exams in their final year with the goal of having the IB Diploma as their leaving qualification. Further, all of our students in lower secondary participate in the IB Middle Years Programme. The requirements placed on our students and staff in terms of both component work, teaching load, and scheduling are numerous and often inflexible and sometimes daunting. Thus it is a particular challenge for our school to provide opportunities for expansion in MINT courses outside of the curricular requirements laid down by the IB. Our MINT concept, therefore, is one that must incorporate the requirements of the IB, respect the timetable we have, and give all students the skills they need to earn the IB Diploma, and prepares them for success in post secondary education.

Infographic TIDE at ISHR.pdf

Our Vison

TIDE at ISHR is how we integrate STEM into our curriculum via Design Thinking to give students the tools they need to choose their own path whether it be:

  • University Study

  • Workplace Preparedness

  • Taking a Gap Year / Volunteer Services