COVID-19 Updates

At IRCSD, our primary commitment is to the students and families we serve. Our priority must be keeping them safe. There will be many updates to this space in the days to come. We appreciate your patience as we adapt our opening plans to address the many challenges inherent to education during the COVID-19 pandemic. #WarriorSafe #WarriorStrong

Recent Updates:

March 1, 2022 IRCSD Community Update - A Message from Superintendent Decker.pdf
February 27, 2022 IRCSD COVID-19 Update - Schools Are Status Quo for Now.pdf
January 28, 2022 IRCSD COVID-19 Update NY Masking Update... and Thank You!.pdf
January 25, 2022 IRCSD COVID-19 Update Update Regarding NYS Masking Rules.pdf
January 25, 2022 IRCSD COVID-19 Update NYSED Schools Must Continue to Follow Mask Rule.pdf
Screening and Health Checks
Maintain Social Distancing
Hand Hygiene
Cleaning and Disinfection
Face Coverings