D204 P.E. Medical Alternatives

The medical alternatives are to give options to students who are suffering from ailments or injuries that prevent them from participating in the standard physical education curriculum. Instead of students simply "sitting out" of physical education classes, District #204 has created alternative options so that students can continue to earn a grade for their class as opposed to having to possibly makeup the missed classes later or being dropped from the class.

The District Physical Education Department strives to impress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes daily physical activity, even in times of injury. The Department has developed these alternatives so that students will have the opportunity to understand the importance of maintaining daily activity while preventing further injury to oneself.

The cognitive alternative is meant to be a short term solution. The restriction form, if filled out completely would allow the Department to create an individualized, physical plan for every student based on a medical professional's recommendation.

Students will be assigned to the medical alternatives in the following steps:

  1. A student who is not able to participate in their standard P.E. class MUST have a Medical Restriction Form (below) filled out by a medical professional. We suggest printing the form and bringing it to the medical professional on the initial visit.
  2. The completed Medical Restriction Form is to be given to the school nurse as soon as possible. Written prescription notes or other hand written papers will not be accepted and will only slow the process for the student.
  3. The student's physical education teacher, with guidance from the nurse's office and completed Medical Restriction Form, will decide whether the student will be required to participate in the physical or cognitive alternative plan for the time they are not in their standard P.E. class.
  4. Students will be required to hand in coursework for the assigned alternative for every day missed to their physical education teacher. Instructions for the alternative are written on the appropriate webpage.
  5. Students will fully join their standard P.E. class when cleared by a medical professional.

In the case that students do not have the completed Medical Restriction Form completed and in the nurse's office, students will be assigned to the cognitive curriculum until the form is completed. Every day that a student misses physical education must be accounted for in order to not have the miss affect the student's grade in a negative way.

This plan is not to be used for misses related to short term illness (e.g. out for a few days due to flu or cold) or other reasons (e.g. college visits, field trips). Those days must follow the makeup policy for the Physical Education Department.

P.E.Medical Restriction Form

PE Medical Restriction Form.pdf
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