Google for Education Training Center - Whether you're looking learn one new thing or to start the path to Google mastery, the Google training center has you covered. The training center helps educators explore how sound pedagogy connects to G Suite for Education.

Digital Resources and Tutorials

Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Keep, and the Chrome Browser are essential resources to support teaching and learning in student-centered classrooms. G Suite for Education and the Web also offers a wide range of digital resources to support teaching and learning. The links below connect to additional resources and tutorials.

Assessment - Good formative assessments help both the students and teachers guage understanding and adjust teaching and learning. Formative assessments can also be fun.

HyperDocs - Powerful, learner-centered digital learning frameworks that shift the focus of learning from the teacher to the students. The best HyperDocs connect student learning to the 4 Cs of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Google + - Google + is a social networking platform connected to Google accounts. Users can post text, links, pictures, videos, and other information while also reading, connecting, and commenting on posts. Communities and Collections can be created and utilized in order to enhance and transform learning in this collaborative space.

If you need help while exploring and organizing in Google +, just click on the G Suite Training Symbol on the top right of the computer screen when working in Google+

Google Sites - Google Sites is a fee and easy way to create and share webpages. Sites can also be a great tool for students to demonstrate learning, create a portfolio, collaborate on projects, share their writings, and begin create a positive digital footprint. The possibilities for Google sites are endless.

If you need help while exploring and creating in the Google Sites, just click on the G Suite Training Symbol on the top right of the computer screen when working in Sites.

Blogger - Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google that is connected to your Google account. Users can create, write, and manage their own blogs while using this platform, and Google offers free analytics and numerous options for design. In addition, Blogger allows multiple collaborators to work on the same blog, and users can create more than one blog address connected to the same account. Visit the Blogger Help Center to learn more and get started.

Google Search - It all started with search and Google has continued to develop resources to support searching the web. Learn about search operators, reverse image search, image search tools, and filtering your results with Google Search Help. Learn more about Google Search with Google Inside Search. Explore a Google a day to grow critical thinking skills connected to Google Search.

Google Calendar - Google Calendar is a free, cloud based calendar connected to your Google account that keeps track of all of your events. Users can create multiple calendars, share calendars with others, set reminders, and sync their calendars to their mobile devices. The numerous settings and options available through Google Calendar make it easy to stay organized and connected.

If you need help while using in the Google Calendar, just click on the G Suite Training Symbol on the top right of the computer screen.

Google My Maps - Create and collaborate with custom maps for the places that matter to you and your students. Google My Maps can be created on the web and in Google Drive. Learn more by exploring the Introduction to Google My Maps.

Content Tools - G Suite for Education offers teachers and students a wealth of apps, extensions, and add-ons connected to different content areas.

More Google - There are many resources connected to Google that can support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

The 4 Cs - The skills connected to collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity are essential for all students.

Student Voice - Presentations are no longer confined to the traditional one slide at a time display of images and text. Powerpoints and Google Slides do have a place, but they cannot be the only way for Future Ready students and teachers to share learning.

Curiosity - Resources, activities, and websites to support curious inquiry in the classroom.