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If you need help when working with G Suite Education Resources, click on the G Suite Training icon near the top right of the computer screen. G Suite Training consists of searchable interactive video resources and tutorials to support teachers and students.

If you do not see the G Suite Training Symbol, make sure you are signed into Chrome and then add the G Suite Training Extension. Not all Google products have dedicated G Suite Training videos, but more are being added each day.

Google for Education Training Center - Whether you're looking learn one new thing or to start the path to Google mastery, the Google training center has you covered. The training center helps educators explore how sound pedagogy connects to G Suite for Education.

Google Classroom First Day - Welcome to your first day of Classroom. Google Classroom saves you time, keeps you organized and helps you communicate with your students. This site contains some tools, videos, tips and tricks to get started today.

Google Classroom Tutorials for Teachers

Google Classroom is a great workflow solution from G Suite for EDU. Google Classroom is not a traditional website. It can be compared to traditional Learning Management Systems. Classroom allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, ask questions, share resources, and create a calendar of due dates in a secure online location. Classroom helps teachers and students manage workflow and organize digital activities.

This page has links connecting to Google Classroom training resources for both teachers and students.

Google Classroom Training Center

The Google Classroom Training Center connects instructional strategies with G Suite for Education resources. These sections of the Training Center connected to Google Classroom include written tutorials, video tutorials, and interactive components.

Google Classroom Tutorials for Teachers

Get started - Sign in to Classroom using your G Suite for Education account. You can take a quick guided tour, manage your account settings, including your profile picture and email notifications, as well as learn about the Classroom mobile app.

Create and Manage Classes - It takes just minutes to create a new class, add a class resource page, and set permissions for student posts and comments.

Communicate with your students - Post announcements and start class discussions instantly. (Emailing students directly is currently not functional in IPSD Classroom accounts.)

Create and grade student work - Quickly create, view, assign, and automatically notify students that an assignment is available.

Communicate with guardians - When guardians are invited to join their student's Google Classroom, they receive regular automatic email summaries for each of their students.

Extending Classroom - Learn about the Google Classroom mobile app and the Share to Classroom Chrome Extension.

About Classroom - Learn more about this Classroom is a free, web-based platform that integrates your G Suite for Education account with all your G Suite services.

5/23 Classroom

Google Classroom Tutorials for Students

If you need help while working with Google Classroom as a student, just click on the the G Suite Training symbol near the to right of the Google Classroom page. G Suite Training consists of searchable interactive video resources to support students.

Google Classroom Help Resources for Students

Get Started - Sign in to Classroom with your G Suite for Education account. (You will automatically be signed in on a school educational Chromebook).

Manage classes - Join a class using the class code or email invitation from your teacher.

Manage work - All work - assignments and questions - are organized by class. You can also use the Work page to track your work for all classes.

Connect with your class - In the class stream, you can see class announcements, view assignments by topic, and be part of class discussions.