At ePayTraffic, members are presented with various opportunities to Advertise and Market their business. Your time is converted to advertising credits and cash. Have a look below to learn more about advertising and marketing incentives available to you.

Daily Top Surfers - Members receive a cash incentive for being an active viewer of advertised pages for the day.

Monthly Top Sales - Members receive units or partial units that can be converted to cash.

Monthly Top Surfers - Members receive a cash incentive for maintaining a higher presents on the site during the month. The incentive is graduated so the top monthly surfer gets less cash then a surfer in the middle of the pack.

Top Bonus Claim Count - Members who take the time to claim bonus page awards receive additional cash based on their total number of claims.

Paid For Performance - Members receive daily cash awards for maintaining a minimum daily moving average of bonus claim count.

Member Training/Testing Awards - As part of a continuous process improvement initiative, our system offers incentives for members who complete specifically defined program tasks.

Collaborative Advertising - Members who achieve a higher membership level are able to participate in an advertising program designed to enhance branding and improve referral conversion.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) - Members are able to purchase various levels of service that is clearly defined and customized to meet specific needs of advertisers and income earners.

All of the above offers, and there will be more coming, are fundamental to improving the quality of viewers for advertisers. ePayTraffic is built on a business model that tracks membership activity. When the data is compiled and analyzed it allows our system to deliver a higher quality lead to advertisers.

Last Modified: August 21, 2018