July 7, 2019

Hello everyone,

The other day I had someone post their disappointment in our club hangout. That is not a problem as long as one is polite and not disrespectful to others. Going forward I will post a reminder in our chat room to address this concern.

Also, I want everyone to understand that it takes time to fully appreciate and accept our program. You have to keep it simple and be patient. The following are important points to keep in mind.

- You are not an employee.

- You are not hired to do anything.

- You have to look at it as an opportunity to advertise and promote your own program.

- You are provided with methods and guidance to help grow your business.

- You receive generous incentive for being active and loyal.

- You are provided with cash incentives when you bring in paying members.

- The amount of money you earn is managed within our revenue sharing portfolios.

- You only get paid when FJ buys back your units.

- Units can take a year or more before they can be bought back.

- The Units page is where you see your units and you can request a buyback.

I am continuously improving our program so it is easier to get paid more often. Improvements take time and you should be seeing that I am committed to succeeding. I hope this helps everyone feel more comfortable in being a part of a successful program designed to be around for many years.


Please take note of the following message. It will be posted in our club hangout as a reminder to recognize and respect our policy on business transparency.

Welcome to IncomeProcClub Hangout
Our hangout is open to the public and very focused in providing live support for all activities related to FJ World Inc. Please do not abuse this chat room by being unprofessional and disrespectful. By using Google services, FJ World Inc is able to deliver the best possible support to its clients. Please keep in mind that what you post is public and traceable to you.
Thank you for your respect,FJ

June 21, 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great day. Today is a great day for ePayTraffic members.

A new set of bonuses are now attached to existing membership upgrades. Have a look in your account and you will see the following.

Current Upgrade Options and Bonuses

  • A Free member that has previously paid for a service will receives $1.00 cash award when they purchase a new service.
  • A Free Plus 1 service receives a 15 second surfing timer.
  • A VTG Upgrade service receives the Plus VTG settings.
  • An Advertiser 1000 upgrade service receives 10 times their normal banner/text conversion ratio.
  • A 10 For 5 Upgrade service receives 4 additional site/banner/text advertising campaigns.
  • A VTG Upgrade Plus service receives a personalized surfing bonus page.

Thank you everyone for your continued loyalty. There are many more goodies coming our way. I have been busy making changes to the site so if you come across anything that does not look correct, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Now it's time to get ready for a weekend at the cottage.

Take care everyone.


June 18, 2019

Today a MassPayment via PayPal was completed. Once again members got paid from our buyback process which delivered the member principle earnings plus an annualized yield of 20% or more.

May 27, 2019

Hello ePayTraffic members and welcome to our visiting public.

First let me apologize to our members for any delay in updating our website as well as some of your purchase transactions. Some default settings from our underlying script indicated that a purchase was automatically updated. That is not true for any unit transactions. I will be updating the message and I should get caught up with some manual data entry in the next day or so.

One thing that you will learn from working with me is that I may be slow to get things done but I eventually do and it is all governed by priorities of the day. When you’re a one of staff you have to wear many hats and unfortunately accept that you lose business when you cannot respond as quickly as possible at all time to meet every possible expectation.

Thank you for you understand in this matter, I will make a point of posting more often in this Hangout. This way you will get to know me better so we can build trust going forward. For now, I want to do some yardwork so do take care and I welcome your feedback.


April 27, 2019

Hello everyone,

I invite you to review some of our past accomplishments, changes and future plan for our club and our revenue sharing program. But first, I will address a fundamental requirement we all need to understand so we can succeed with our online business.

Communication - For communication to work well and be effective, it must occur within context that is shared by all participants. When you read content on this site it is relevant to everyone that is taking the time to learn before they earn. This site, was created by registering a domain name and pointing it to a Google Suite account. This allows the ability to easily publish content from any devices and from any location in the world. Doing so demonstrates transparency and just as important it creates a traceable flow of information and greatly eliminates waste and reduces re-work. I can go on because the list of benefits is long. Whenever you encounter content on this site that requires you to authenticate your identity, be assured it is done in a matter that is most secured. Every effort is made to provide as much free information as possible to get you more interested in services from FJ World Inc. When you become a registered member of ePayTraffic you get access to more free information to guide you in our member level program. At that point the communication context changes and you start to learn about upgraded services. Everything is structured so when something is not right it is easy to follow the flow of information required to solve any issues. This is all part of establishing expectations.

We use Google Hangout for Live Support. This is like the front door of our communication process. If you ever need help with something or you want to chat, check out our Club Hangout.

For now, let me review what I have already published in previous news releases and then I can give you a quick status update.

This site was started in March 2018 as a result of an incident with a partner forum. There was a lesson learned and I had to take action. Lesson Learned? Be more careful when you place your business at risk because of a third party relationship. Like I am stating the obvious, right? The truth is, all online income earners must learn to mitigate the risks of partnering. This can include many relationships you have with various aspects of your business. And in particular, revenue streams that are created as a result of a third party relationship. So when you’re a member of a site/program and that site disappears, you have to take action and implement changes to avoid similar incidents in the future.

In April 2018, there was a focus to introduce our Trading System, a Member Quality Scorecard (MQS) and evaluation of digital currency. I did evaluate the use of digital currency and the decision made is to postpone any use of a digital wallet indefinitely. No additional action has been taken on implementing MQS. This will likely not be address for at least another month. The trading system, site components are being introduced gradually. A lot of design and back office work has been done so you will start to see more changes in the front end of the system. The scope of the trading system needed to expand to resolve some concerns with the integration of LFMTE script used by ePayTraffic.

September 2018, our revenue sharing units were split into Class A and Class B Units. Class A valuation is based on speculative activities while Class B reflects an operational value from ePayTraffic activities. The work required to get to the valuations of these units depends on a lot of manual activities. As part of the ongoing implementation of our trading system, many activities will be automated so the published unit valuation will be more current. Also started in September 2018 was an initiative to evaluate as many traffic exchange sites as possible to ensure a full understanding of the marketplace. A lot was learned and several steps have been taken to isolate the areas of opportunity that will deliver the best overall return for our revenue sharing program. The initiative included the formation of our Team Building Process (TBP) that involved several popular traffic exchanges sites. The TBP work will be pushed back at least another month depending on the current priorities.

Since October 2018, there has been many activities that have negatively impacted our program. This is reflected in the decline in value of our revenue sharing units. The Class A units declined because of lower investment returns and the Class B units declined because of lower sales. Sales reduced because some members lost their Paypal account. Action has already been taken to try and manage additional declines and more action will be taken to help reverse this trend line. Our member loyalty program offers will remain but some changes will be taken to address payment processing fees.

Recently FJ World Inc successfully completed a compliance review requested by Paypal. I am pleased to informed you that Paypal remains as a favorable payment processor for our business. Also, FJ World Inc has been approved for a business account with TransferWise. This may be an option for members that cannot use Paypal. Expect to see more information coming about using TransferWise as well as the possibility of using a credit card via our merchant banking account. FJ World Inc can also accept eTransfers from most Canadian banks. These are just some changes made to secure a reliable payment process for years to come.

This past week, SSL was added to ePayTraffic. This means you can now access ePayTraffic site via an encrypted connection using the HTTPS protocol. The usual less secured HTTP access will remain available while we complete the full transition to HTTPS for all aspects of our program. As part of this process, members will be introduced to new policies dealing with getting to know your customers and dealing with the protection of personally identifiable information.

These recent changes has caused me to re-evaluate the amount of time and effort spent on many traffic exchanges. Going forward, there will be more effort placed on products and services created or administered by FJ World Inc and less effort placed on promoting third party relationships.

I think this news release is long enough for today. Thanks again for taking the time to read this message and I invite you to become a member of ePayTraffic so we can work together for a mutual benefit.

Jacques (Jack) Arseneault


FJ World Inc

November 15, 2018

Hello everyone,

I am currently evaluating Orbital Traffic. If you want me as your upline, please do the following.

Either post in our club hangout or contact me via private chat with your referral link. Before you do, expect to be able to share your experience and knowledge about Orbital Traffic.

As you should know by now, FJ World Inc will often upgrade on valuable sites. Do you remember that all online revenue generated by FJ World Inc is put into our revenue sharing program? For this reason, there is a set of criteria that FJ World Inc will use in selecting the referral link of choice. This includes incentives and/or mutual benefits that contributes to our program in a positive way. If your link is not selected this time you would still have gained something from participating in this evolving process. I know I am gaining knowledge every day about making money online and in doing so I am creating an environment that is much more conducive to generating income for all members of our revenue sharing program.

I know, I know, generating an online income is a slow process but keep in mind that we are on a journey. That journey is guided by our program policy statement displayed on every pages of ePayTraffic; "Boosting online earnings by learning and working more effectively."

Thanks again to all active and loyal members and especially to those that continue to purchase a service from FJ World Inc. More services are planned but my current priority is to continue with some greatly needed back office improvements that will reduce my workload and improve your existing services.

Now that I have collected sufficient data for a cost analysis of existing membership levels, I will be introducing some changes for free members. Since the core value of our program is to help members progress to a higher membership level, it is imperative to the success of the program to minimize the cost of serving a non-paying member. No need for free members to be overly concern, the change is required to balance the operating cost across all membership types. There would never be any conditions added that would change our existing payment process. Likely what will happen, is a free member will be given another opportunity to upgrade their service or accept a reduced level of service.

I do welcome any and all feedback and suggestions.

To our success,


October 16, 2018 - Okay, time to let you in on something that is changing the world. As if you don't already know, right? Pick a science and a technology that will deliver huge economic benefit to the world. Take a guess, if you could pick 2, what would they be? Hint: If you own ePayTraffic Units and you have chatted in our club hangout with FJ, you probably have known for some time. I believe the world is offering us all a huge opportunity to work in or invest in Plant Science and Blockchain Technology. Those in the know today are well positioned for a wild ride to heights never seen before. When I say plant science I am referring specifically to what is happening in the world of cannabis research and production. I am well informed about cannabis because it has change my life in a positive way that I had not even imagined. I am a bit of a health nut so my primary interest in cannabis if for health and wellness. Now for block chain technology, I am referring to companies that are building frameworks and transaction processing models to serve all digital transactions in the world. I am not talking about virtual value of a specific digital coin. Now imagine taking a position in an incubator company that seamlessly combines cannabis transactions using block chain technology. This is what is happening in Canada. In a few hours, cannabis will be legal across Canada and there will be many, many more online transactions. That is today's news. Tomorrows news is unknown but our revenue sharing units will be used as a reference point. Again, members who follow our unit trend line as well as the valuable content in our club hangout already know that some recent profit was made. Be prepared for more price fluctuations.

Very Important: Be active on ePayTraffic by at least checking your account to see if your units have increased by 20% and triggered a buyback event. That is a member responsibility. FJ World Inc is responsible to providing you an opportunity to make some easy money.

Very Very Important: FJ World Inc has the option to buyback your units anytime as long as the 20% has triggered the buyback event.

Thanks again to all active members. In particular to members that do spend money. There is nothing complicated about our revenue sharing program. It's just different. Seriously, look at what we all do. We join programs, we spend money, that creates commission for a member and that member waits to get paid. FJ sees the world differently so a company was created, that company joins programs, the company maintains sufficient investment capital to buy great deals on preferred sites, the company gets commission from referral purchases and waits to get paid at which time it is added to the revenue sharing portfolio. I think that is enough for now since I have to go convert some commission to units.

Take care everyone and do not hesitate to contact me if you need some guidance. I find it energizing when I help someone. I know, I know...a bit selfish. :-)


FJ World Inc

September 26, 2018 - Hello all active surfers of TE's. Please take note that I am creating surfing teams on some very popular TE's . The team name on these exchanges is called ePayTraffic. In addition to winning awards for being a top team on these exchanges, ePayTraffic is creating a new offer to reward all active ePayTraffic members participating in the team surfing challenges..

Our Goal - Generate multiple streams of income that will be used to boost the growth of Class B Units.

How - Create an opportunity for anyone to join the participating sites using a referral link that contributes to the overall value of ePayTraffic Revenue Sharing Program.

Participating Sites





TE Search

Using the above links to join a participating site should indicate that FJ WorldInc or fjworld as your referrer. Sites will be added and removed based on the project success.

I will be publishing rules, conditions and expectations of a team member but at this time I want to give some close followers of our revenue sharing program an opportunity to plan any action they may want to take.


Look for PromoSlice Offer



FJ World Inc

September 22, 2018

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have been able to publish some news. The main reason being; business workload is increasing and many manual tasks need to be automated. On a subsequent news release I will cover more details about the future of our revenue sharing program. Today I need to update you on the current status.

Effectively immediately, our revenue sharing portfolio is made up of Class A Units and Class B Units.

Class A Units - The value of these units is based on the market value of shares held in publicly traded companies. In March 2016 we started with $500.00 and the unit value was pegged at par value of one dollar. Today our investment portfolio exceeds $16,000.00 and the unit value is $2.88

Class B Units - The value of these units is based on the Balance Sheet of ePayTraffic project. The value of these units reflect the current activity and growth potential of ePayTraffic. The model valuation looks at all the assets, receivables, site investments, Intellectual Property, liabilities and so on. Today these units are valued at $1.64

I am truly happy with all members that have been very patient, loyal and trusting while we build a long term relationship. From the very beginning of my online activity, many, many years ago I have always believed the internet would be the ultimate source of income for anyone in the world. No matter how I looked at the net I only saw opportunity knowing that the risk and reward ratio could be extremely profitable. Having many years' experience, and surviving a few Boom-Bust periods in the stock market trading world I feel comfortable in saying I am knowledgeable in calculating risk reward opportunities.

ePayTraffic is my entry point into a huge manual traffic exchange market of people willing to take a risk so they can generate an income. By working together we will demonstrate how to make money for all members. I don't mean just making money but generating a profit that can be used to grow future earnings.

Our future success will depend on member activity. Member activity is constantly monitored. You only have to visit our performance page and see who is active.

Thanks again everyone and if at any time you need me you only have to post in our Club Hangout.


FJ World Inc

April 12, 2018 - Hello members. Are you astute? You may have noticed the new Trade feature on ePayTraffic. Well its been a crawl but we are still moving in the right direction. When your a one-off you tend to wear many hats and play many roles. That aside, I want to give you a heads-up that our Member Quality Scorecard (MQS) database will start to populate with your site activity data. Some of you founding members may remember the incentives offered via MQS. Initially the focus will be on making sure the background process is working and you earn MQS points. Beware! You can also lose MQS points. Just know that your MQS points is much more than a loyalty program. It will represent your perceived quality within the ePayTraffic online ecosystem. I am not saying anymore for now.

New Business - I am currently exploring the use of digital currency for my business. Initially I will implement a wallet functionality that will be integrated within the existing ePayTraffic marketplace. So you would be able to add funds to your Paypal, Payza and Digital wallets. These funds would be used for trading products/services within the new trading system. If you have expertise in this area you may contact me for a chat.

March 21, 2018 - marks the beginning of a new set of tools for members on ePayTraffic. The last few weeks have been a challenge in many regards but progress continued in a journey to long term growth. FJ World Inc has subscribed to G Suite to enable new collaborative advertising, relationship building and much more.

Please be aware there will be some updating of content on ePayTraffic while content is moved from our partner forum to IncomeProClub.