iJEI systems

Cloud Computing

Our web platforms are implemented in cloud systems that allow to adapt the service to the needs of each moment, thus ensuring efficient availability; The benefits of the computers that support each service are re-dimensioned according to the needs of each period, we can support from a few concurrent users to thousands.

High Professionalism

The services are built using the infomatic engineering processes, from the requirements and prior analysis, to functional tests, usability, safety and product quality. To build these robust services, we mainly use the Object Orientation paradigm with Java Entreprise Edition (c) technology.

Information Integrity

Universal access to services offers many advantages but also disadvantages that pose serious risks of availability, integrity and confidentiality, and for which the appropriate mechanisms and techniques to mitigate them are applied on our platforms.

Continous Evolution

A properly executed construction always works, because it is designed to be able to adapt to technological changes or scope. In addition, the application of these constructive principles allows to easily carry out the necessary evolutionary of the products to adhere to the changes of the supported service.


Ensuring high operational and evolutionary benefits is guaranteed by the business model of iJEI Systems, which is the rental of platforms with pay per use.