The purpose of the ICS/ACS Alumni Program is to reconnect and develop a relationship and network with former students, parents, teachers and faculty. We hope the ICS Alumni Link will help foster pride, support, and a life-long connection with ICS, benefiting the school, alumni, and current students.

The Alumni Program aims to:

  • Help alumni connect with each other and build a strong professional network
  • Help alumni keep abreast of ICS Alumni Accomplishments, ICS Addis news and events and future ICS developments
  • Help current students and recent alumni benefit from the experience and knowledge of past students, parents and teachers

Alumni Highlights:

ACS Reunion in Las Vegas

Many alumni were in attendance at the ACS reunion on 6-8 October, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. More information is available on the American Community School Facebook page HERE.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! This year seniors received white envelopes with notes and photos from teachers. The Class of 2017 Over the Years gallery to the right shows many of the photos the seniors received, some from their middle school years or even earlier.

You can also watch the graduation ceremony here.

Visit the Alumni Tidbits page for more alumni highlights and news.