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Following the easing of Covid19  there are no restrictions on the number of riders allowed on Group ride-outs for up to 30 riders! See the events page for ride-outs and also weekend trips such as our annual Welsh Weekender in June - which is now open for registrations. 

We are always looking for more riders to lead ride-outs so if you would like to take a group out and show them your favourite roads then let a member of the committee know and we will help you to do this!

Refresher Rides:

Interested in a refresher ride wih one of our Senior Observers?  This could be just perfect if you're feeling a bit rusty after the lack of riding opportunities in the last few months or would like to get an up to date assessment of your riding standard.  It's only £20 for a 2 hour session which will include a  documented debrief. Contact Mike Annesley to book by clicking here

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