Huntington ISD - distance Learning Resource

Huntington ISD transitioned to remote learning on March 25, 2020 because of the school closure in response to our nation's need to slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The District is offering two different instructional options for students:

  1. Online Learning Option - Lessons are created by teachers and facilitated through the use of online technology. Students in grades PreK - 3 will use the class app See Saw and Remind to communicate with their parents and students. Students in grades 4-12 are able to interact with and receive feedback from teachers via the Google Classroom learning platform. One lesson will be provided per subject per week.

  2. Traditional Paper and Pencil Option - Lessons are created by teachers. Packets of materials may be picked up at the curbside at campuses on Wednesdays. A packet of lessons will be provided each week.

Online vs. Paper and Pencil Instruction

We know that all of our students and families do not have access to technology. However, If you have access to technology and the internet, we encourage you to participate in our online option for remote learning for the following reasons:

  • Online learning can occur utilizing WiFi or hard wired internet enabled: Computer workstation, Laptop, Tablet (iPad or other tablet device), PlayStation Gaming System, Xbox Gaming System, or Smartphone (cellular or WiFi enabled).

  • Online learning offers the best way for our teachers to provide real instruction to our students with two way interaction and feedback whenever possible. Please keep in mind that younger students and elementary lessons require much more parental support than older students.

  • Online instruction relies on the teacher and the resources provided to be the primary teacher with the parent as a resource to complete assignments particularly for students in grades PreK - 3 utilizing See Saw and for grades 4-12 who will be utilizing Google Classroom for the learning platform.

  • Traditional Paper and Pencil instruction relies on the parent to serve as the primary instructor utilizing the resources provided by the teacher.

  • Traditional Paper and Pencil assignments will be picked up at the campus and returned to the school to be graded.

If your child cannot login to the District assigned email or has forgotten their password, please email the HISD Help Desk at with your child's full name and application they are trying to get in to.

If you have questions related to the school closure, check out our School Closure FAQs.

Thank You, HISD Teachers.

We appreciate all of the Huntington ISD Teachers who made the transition to remote learning with very little notice.

Please be patient with us. We know the process and product will improve each week.

Please click the links in the sidebar to the left of the page (three horizontal bars at the top of the page for a mobile browser) for instructions on how to access Online Lessons or Traditional Paper and Pencil Lessons for distance learning.