Hudson City Schools

1:1 iPad Guidelines

Why iPads?

With the advent of the 6th and 7th generation iPads, learning opportunities for students have reached unprecedented new heights. For the 2020-2021 school year, all students in grades 6-12 high will be issued iPads as their learning device. Families will receive more information in August 2020 about the plan to distribute 6th grade iPads, collect Chromebooks from students in grades 10-12, distribute iPads to students in grades 10-12, and distribute iPads to new students in grades 7-9.

The iPad is an incredible learning tool due to its user-centric features. Built into every iPad are inherent accessibility features that support individual learning, reading, and writing styles.

With the ability to write and draw directly on iPads, students can showcase their knowledge in a variety of ways. For example, the iPad’s creativity apps foster, within even the youngest of learners, the opportunity to illustrate, diagram, and annotate. Additionally, the iPads will come equipped with rugged keyboard cases to provide device protection and add typing functionality.

Along with Google's collaborative tools, students will have Apple's suite of productivity tools, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Equally impressive are the video apps (like iMovie, GarageBand, and Clips) that come preloaded on each iPad, engaging students in video creation, editing, and publishing processes. Furthermore, iPads provide the opportunity to learn coding processes, delve into augmented reality, extend the research process, and so much more.

The 6th & 7th generation iPads are significantly lower priced than their predecessor models, making the iPad a more affordable option for schools. The iPad is fast, durable, reliable in performance, and has impressive battery life.

Given the right tools to create, we can only begin to imagine what our talented students will be capable of achieving!

iPad in Logitech rugged keyboard case

iPad 6 in Logitech Rugged Combo 2 Keyboard Case