Staff working from home - resources

Transitioning to working from home can be a bit confusing and frustrating to say the least. Being on such short notice can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed about trying to get setup. Here are some links that we think will help provide a smooth transition.

Resource Links

Resources for Faculty/Staff


Using your email more for working from home might be a hassle if your inbox gets filled up by other unimportant emails, to combat this setting up an email filter will help to organize your inbox in an efficient way.

Gmail Filters:

For sake of convenience it can be nice to have your smartphone connected to your email so you can keep up on the go.

Henderson Email Setup for Cell Phones:


When working remotely if you need to have access to your office phone for pressing matters, you can forward your office phone to your personal/local cell phone.

Forwarding Office Phone to Local Phone:

If you do not wish to use your personal phone, you can forward your voicemails from your office phone to your faculty email.

Forwarding Voicemail to Email:


Employees have access to Microsoft Office 365 for their personal computers through the University.

Installing Microsoft Office(Employees):

TechSmith Relay is a recording software you can use to record lectures for your students and post them to Canvas or Dropbox.

TechSmith Relay:

DropBox is a good resource "middle man" for interaction between students and faculty to share resources or submit files.


Google Meeting(Hangouts) is a way you can interact with your students live all together almost like a pseudo classroom lecture.

Google Meeting(Hangouts):


If you find yourself needing to reset a forgotten network password it can be easily done here. This includes things like email and myHenderson.

Password Reset Self Service:

You will have to contact the helpdesk if you need to reset your POISE or Skylite password. This can be done by creating a ticket or contacting them directly.

Skylite Password Reset:

Google Drive File Stream is a convenient and comfortable way of showing your Google Drive in a way you know already like the default windows explorer window you are accustomed to.

File Stream:

Remote Desktop Protocol is a way for the University to bypass a complicated VPN to remote you into your own desktop via an app you can download for free through the Microsoft Store.


As always, you can contact the helpdesk for assistance. They can be reached during normal office hours by phone (870-230-5678) or email ( You can also open a support ticket.