Art at Hillsboro Primary

Mrs. Huskey

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Artist studios are in full swing. Student artists are learning how artists plan, create, and reflect on the art process. 1st and 2nd Grade classes are learning how to write about how or why they make art on their artist statements!

1st and 2nd Grade Art Show!

at Dr. Seuss night Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Kid's Art Is Great Art

Choice-based art education puts the student in charge of choosing media and subject matter. There is an extremely wide variety of projects coming out of the same classroom. It is important to note that children's inspiration should come from their personal experiences and perspectives of the world around them. To most children, the process of creating something is in itself the work of art. A child's world is quite different from our own . . . their art should truly be "childlike."

"The essential goal of art teaching is to inspire children to behave like feel what it is to gather an art idea on one's own and act on it. The goal is to reveal to children that art comes from within themselves--not from the teacher." --George Szekely-ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY IN ART

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