Numeracy Resources

Learn Alberta

is a professor at Simon Fraser University. He encourages mathematics as a collaborative thinking and learning opportunity.

On his website, he has a link FOR TEACHERS well worth your exploration time!

  • Check out the NUMERACY TASKS which are open-ended problems. He also has specified GOOD PROBLEMS. These are all meant to stimulate mathematical thinking, collaboration and communication and be explored more than once. They are not a solve and forget, rather a challenge and return as we have new knowledge to take another look!
  • Explore his RESOURCES links.
  • Engage your learners with his puzzling CARD TRICKS!

Computational Thinking (coding)

We are collaborating to support Teacher Learning as well as lesson plans without technology and with technologies.

See the Computational Thinking google doc for links to learning and lessons. This document is being revised weekly.

Implementing the Seven Mathematical Processes - ARPDC

Parallel and Open-Ended Problem Solving Tasks - Ontario Teachers Federation

Dr. Miriam Small research & books (available through HPSD LRC Professional Library)

Kindergarten to Grade 5 Tasks

Primary Math open-ended problems

Teacher Support & Learning

There are three critical components to effective mathematics instruction:

  1. Teaching for conceptual understanding
  2. Developing children’s procedural literacy
  3. Promoting strategic competence through meaningful problem-solving investigations

Shellard, E., & Moyer, P. S. (2002). What Principals Need to Know about Teaching Math. Alexandria, VA: National Association of Elementary School Principals and Education Research Service.

Elementary Mathematics Professional Learning: Assessments, strategies, best practices (ARPDC) - sur le site, cliquer la VERSION BILINGUE pour le francais

NRLC Mathematics Support Videos & Assessments K-6

Secondary Mathematics Teaching Strategies with Assessment rubrics - ARPDC High School Math collaboration

In our HPSD Learning Resource Centres:

Follow the Library link (under Parents & Students) on the HPSD website to access professional resources.

  • Teaching Student Centred Mathematics by J.A. Van de Walle & L.H. Lovin