Inquiry vs Research

Inquiry and the Research Process

10 Tips for launching an Inquiry-Based Classroom

Inquiry is more than an event; it is a way of thinking by Greg McLeod and Megan Linton

Teaching Students the Skills of Inquiry

How Dissecting a Pencil Can Ignite Curiosity and Wonderment - teaching thinking routines through simple tasks to develop observation skills for inquiry

Cascading Challenges: A Choreographed Approach to Sustained Student Inquiry by Garfield Gini-Newman

Creating Projects with an First Nations, Metis, or Inuit Focus - teacher guide with format, checklists, and research to support project development

  • This resource is also linked, with specific pages highlighted, from the Culture page.

Project Based Learning Guide - step by step to planning an inquiry

  • Comparing Projects to Project-Based Learning page 4
  • Create a Classroom Culture of Inquiry and Collaboration page 6
  • Create an Authentic Reason for Your Project page 7
  • Craft the Project’s Driving Question page 8
    • examine historical events, time periods, or episodes in nature, solve a challenging situation by creating multiple solutions, look at a contentious issue, create or design something to educate others, opinion - consider all sides of an issue or explore a philosophical question; form and justify their opinions, educational – students teach others, divergent - predict alternative timelines and scenarios, scenario-based - take on a fictional role to accomplish a mission, ...
    • Driving Question Tubric
  • Create Your Project’s Assessment Plan page 15
  • Project Planning Template page 22

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Learning Through Play and Inquiry

Co-Creation of a Kinder-Garden - NEW! This connects to the above Galileo resource about Nature in Early Learning Classroom :)