Texas Bluebonnet Award 2023


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Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston, illustrated by Godwin Akpan

Thirteen year old Amari Peters has never believed that her missing brother is dead. So when the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs offers her a tryout over the summer she does not hesitate to accept. Will Amari be able to locate her brother as she faces new worlds, strange creatures, and daunting new tasks?

Billy Miller Makes a Wish by Kevin Henkes

When Billy Miller blew out the eight candles on his birthday cake, he made a wish. He wished that something exciting would happen. Not more than ten minutes later, a police car and an ambulance flew past Billy’s house and raced down the block. Now Billy worries that his wish has become bigger than he could have possibly asked.

Readers can start reading the 2022-23 Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees to prepare to vote in January 2023.