2004 documentary : "The Origins of AIDS" (480p) - Cecil Fox | Simon Wain-Hobson | Joseph Vandepitte Bitchute / Odysee
Gigaohm 4/46/2022: “Rounding the Earth” and Rixey: USA DoD DMED Fraud Hypothesis analysis Bitchute / Odysee / Rumble
(2020, Nov 02) National Geographic: "Virus Hunters" (EcoHealth, Liberia, Ebola, bats, James Desmond) Bitchute / Odysee / Rumble
2008(June): Dr. William Karesh (WCS)- Congressional Staff Briefing: Emerging Wildlife Diseases Bitchute / Odysee
(Mar 2022): Stacy’s Story to save her husband - "Remdesivir murder, Xanax and fentanyl manipulation" Bitchute / Odysee
2015: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Budget request for FY2016 (WMDs / Kenneth Myers) Bitchute / Odysee
(2013) New training laboratory in Kyiv, Ukraine (Inst. Veterinary Medicine); USA funded Nunn-LugarBitchute / Odysee
(2012) New diagnostic lab in Zakarpattya Oblast Sanitary Epidemiological, Ukraine; USA fundedBitchute / Odysee
(2015) Enhancements made to the Lviv Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine; USA fundedBitchute / Odysee