Conventions of Composition

How To Use This Site

Welcome to our attempt at having much of the grammar and writing help you'll need all in one place. For grammar help (students) and marking student essays (teachers), there are three main ways you can use this site.

First, when you’re revising and editing your own work, you might have a question about how to cite a source or where to put a comma. In that case, use the search (magnifying glass icon in the top right corner) or look through the sections until you find the guideline you’re seeking. Each rule provides examples, practice, and resources for further instruction.

Second, when you get an essay back from your teacher, you will need to figure out what each mark/correction/suggestion means. To do that, you can go straight to the number you’re looking for.

Third, if you're a teacher who's tired of fixing the same errors over and over, you could use this site to mark student work. At any error, write the corresponding number. Your students can then use the site to understand how to avoid repeating that mistake. If you'd like a one-page list of the titles of all of the rules, please use the contact information below.

Of course, students, this guide doesn’t substitute for your interactions with your teacher. We designed this guide as a place to start, but if you’re still confused, ask.

The Hotchkiss English Department recognizes that this site is a work in progress. If you notice errors or omissions of any kind, please contact Carita Gardiner, Instructor in English.

Classification of Rules

Punctuation, Spelling, etc. (1-124)

Grammar (130-162)

Rhetoric (169-200)

Writing Tips (201-222)