School of Education

Field Placement 

Field Placement Office :

Field Placement Coordinator: Maria Agnew, Ph.D.

Field Placement Assistant: Chris Nevrincean, M.Ed. 


The School of Education faculty strongly believes in the importance of field experiences as a means of exposing students to the practice of teaching in professional settings and reinforcing the conceptual work introduced in University classrooms. These field experiences begin in the first year and continue through the completion of student teaching in the senior year.

Field Placement Stages 

Freshman Year: Stage 1 Classroom Observations 

During this stage you are an observer in a variety of educational settings. You are expected to complete these observations in conjunction with your 100 level classes. There must be a range of school and classroom experiences. (e.g., urban, suburban, rural, high- and low-performing schools) This is to ensure that you have a broad experience and learn as much as possible about K-12 learners and K-12 education philosophy.

Sophomore Year: Stage 2 Exploration Hours

During this stage you will complete required hours as a part of your 200 level classes. These explorations are more focused on specific content. This stage would also occur before admission to the teacher preparation program

Junior Year: Stage 3 Practicum 

At this stage, you will need to be formally admitted to the School of Education. During this stage you complete your first formal field placement experience called Practicum. Practicum takes place alongside your 300 level classes. One day a week you are placed in a school with a certified teacher (cooperating teacher) where you will  write lessons, teach a whole group and small groups of students. You will be officially observed  by your cooperating teacher and once by a university supervisor (School of Education Faculty) where you are given feedback on your instructional delivery. You will not be in full control of a class but are encouraged to be involved as much as possible while at your placement.

Senior Year: Stage 4 Student Teaching 

Student Teaching is the capstone of your educational program at Holy Family University. It is at this stage that you will use your combined knowledge of educational theory, best practices, and content to conduct lessons in a required full-time student teaching placement for 15 weeks. You will be placed in a classroom with a certified teacher (cooperating teacher) and  supervised by a university supervisor (School of Education Faculty) with knowledge and experience in the area of certification you are seeking. During this time there will be a range of formal, required school and community activities. You will be closely supervised and mentored by the cooperating teacher and university supervisor, who will provide regular feedback on your classroom teaching performance.

Field Placement Information Handout