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Zoom (email me for appointment)

Asynchronous Art 2020-2021

I am available via email and zoom, but work is done asynchronously (independently) through google classroom and our digital portfolio platform, artsonia. You can also make an in-person appointment if you are hybrid. Art is scheduled 3X a week for 45 minutes in the afternoon. On your scheduled art times, you should log in to your art google classroom. For all projects, you may choose the regular OR modified version of that project. If you have more time, you should choose from the Sketchbook google calssroom posts. Check out the flow chart:


The regular version includes a GC (google classroom) assignment for every class period where you will read, watch teaching videos, complete related learning activities, and finally create and turn in your art project on artsonia. You will complete and mark each GC post you complete (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, etc.) as "turned in".


For the modified version, you read a single "modified" GC post for that project, create your artwork, and turn it in on artsonia. You are excused from the other GC posts (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, etc.) and should not mark them "turned in". Google Classroom automatically marks them "missing", but please understand you are excused and this will not be held against you. I will grade based on your final artsonia portfolio.


Projects will be assessed on the Artistic Behaviors and graded on a standards-based scale: LP (limited proficiency), DP (developing proficiency), WP (working proficiency), and AP (advanced proficiency). Missing and incomplete work will be marked as LP. Artist's statements can be written or posted as a video answering the artist's statement guide questions.

Grade 8 Artist's Statement Guide

Grade 7 Artist's Statement Guide

Grade 6 Artist's Statement Guide


The "Sketchbook" is a topic on google classroom and an ongoing assignment that provides greater flexibility for enrichment, differentiation, and student choice and voice. The first sketchbook assignment, the Sketchbook "Overview" is required but the others can be completed as time and student choice permits.

March 2019

Art During School Closure:

Check out the Daily Journal Page for weekly updates.

Semester 2 only, join us for weekly tasks via google classroom.

All artists: Share your work with the free artsonia app, our school access code: ZRDR-WJRH

Check out the art choice boards for project ideas:

Art Choice Board 2

Check out the "art appetizers" on the rainbow doc for more ideas.

March 23 Challenge

I plan to reach out with ideas every day or every couple of days to help keep you busy during this time of school closure.

Today's Challenge: Draw your pet or draw an animal you wish you had for a pet. Post your work to artsonia. The drawing of Luna below is by my 5 year old daughter, Harper

Art During School Closure

All Students: Greetings Artists!

What an incredible time to engage your head and heart in creating. I miss working in the RAMS Studio with you all and encourage you to create and post all work on artsonia, with an artist's statement telling me about what you created. I will also be posting on the Daily Journal Page of my website with virtual lesson ideas. Email me for help, or just to say hello. Semester 2 Students, please join the google classroom, and invitation was sent to you in an email with the code: Art Grade 6: 76aw477 and Art Grade 7&8: mz47kfw

Assignment Week 1: I am offering an Art Choice Board, see below. Pick at Least 1 Project from the Board to create and share via artsonia with an artist's statement.

Art slides for website