RAMS Music

Contact Us!

-Mr. Grina-

Band & General Music

room 113 (or 211)

email: grinam@holliston.k12.ma.us

phone: (508) 429-0657 ext. 4113

-Mrs. Abalutzk-

Chorus & General Music

room 211 (or 113)

email: abalutzkb@holliston.k12.ma.us

phone: (508) 429-0657 ext. 4211

-Mr. Bilodeau-

RAMS Jazz / HHS Band Director

email: bilodeaus@holliston.k12.ma.us

website: RAMS Jazz


All concert recordings available on HCAT!

*NEW* 7th/8th Grade Band: After-school band on 10/1 is cancelled

https://hcat.viebit.com/ (go to "School Concerts" in sidebar)

- 2018/2019 Band & Chorus Concerts (mark your calendars!) -

DEC 12th: RAMS/HHS Chorus Grade Concert

DEC 19th: RAMS/HHS Band Grade Concert

MAY 22nd: 6th Grade/Jazz Lab Concert

MAY 28th: 7th/8th Grade/Jazz Ensemble Concert

-Junior Districts-

For audition music assignments and other festival information for this year, please visit the following website:


Check out the video recordings of our past concerts at:

-Music Games-