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Welcome to the online resources page for the Holy Names High School Library.

All online resources are listed on this page. You may also access them using the menu bar at the top of this page.

If you have any research questions, book requests, or have trouble navigating this page, please see Ms. Kneeland in the library, or send an email to


E-books and audiobooks: Access books on your phone, kindle or computer. If you're having trouble downloading an e-book, read through these instructions. Your username is your email address and your password is Monarchs!

E-books and audiobooks are also available using your San Francisco Public Library card.

Project Gutenberg: This website has a large library of free books in PDF and Kindle formats. You can find many classic texts here (such as Pride & Prejudice, Frankenstein, etc.)

Library Catalog: See if the Holy Names High School has the book that you're looking for. If so, you can email Ms. Kneeland to put it on hold. If not, you can email Ms. Kneeland and request that the library get a copy.

If you'd like to donate books to the library, please see the library's wishlist here!


The school subscribes to a number of databases. These databases are excellent resources for your research paper, because most articles you find in the databases are reputable sources that you can cite inside of paper. Researching a topic in a database is better than researching a topic on Google, because:

  • someone has already done the hard work of verifying the accuracy of the source
  • if you only want certain kinds of resources from a certain time period, it's easy to create a filter for that
  • most of the resources you find in databases are from publications that are not available for free on the internet - this means you would not be able to find the same articles on Google

These databases cover a wide variety of topics. If you're having trouble finding information on the specific topic that you're looking for, or need assistance navigating the databases, please see Ms. Kneeland in the library.


Current Events

The New York Times: You have unlimited access to The New York Times when you are using the school's wifi.

All Sides - All Sides is an excellent news aggregation site that displays headlines side-by-side to show media bias. If you want to see how different news organizations are reporting the same stories, visit this site first. - This site attempts an unbiased look at the pros and cons of current controversial topics.

Issues & Controversies: This database explores current issues and controversies, and is more robust than If you're accessing at school, no password is required - if accessing from home, use username: hnhs password: monarchs

Politifact - It can be hard to figure out what news is real and what news isn't real, especially when it comes to politics. This Pulitzer-Prize wining site runs articles on major news events and politics that you can count on for accuracy, and also fact checks viral news stories. - Another excellent fact checking website for current events.

Snopes - A fact checking website for viral news, videos and memes.

Center for Investigative Reporting - Award-winning organization that produces well-researched investigative reports on important current events.

Primary Sources

Often, research calls for the use of primary sources. Primary sources provide direct, first hand evidence (like a newspaper article published at the time of a major event, a diary, or an original document like the U.S. Constitution), whereas a secondary source describes, summarizes or analyzes information (such as a history book or a literary analysis). Click here for more information about the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Many of our databases include primary source documents. In addition what's in our databases, there is a wealth of information available for free online. Sometimes you can find these collections by googling "topic/region"+"digital collections." For example, "Montanta"+"digital collections" or "Japanese American History"+"digital collections." It is important to use both the quotations and the + sign for this search. As always, if you Google, make sure you're evaluating the source and information for accuracy using the CRAAP test.

Click here to access our primary source collections.


Looking for a relaxing read, but don't want to commit to a whole book? Try these:

Latinitas Magazine - This magazine calls itself a “Strong Voice for Latina Youth”

Sesi Magazine - Sesi is a magazine all about Black Girl Magic.

Rookie Magazine - A magazine for teens that is written by teens.

Teen Ink - Another magazine by teens and for teens.

Library Policies

All library book checkouts are completely confidential. Your library record is not shared with parents, teachers, or counselors without your permission.

There are no overdue fines or penalties. If you check out a book, you may keep it until you finish it, as long as you return it before the end of the school year. The only exception is that if there is a hold on a book (another student would like to check it out), Ms. Kneeland will alert you and ask that you return it within one week. Ebooks and audiobooks automatically return themselves after 3 weeks.

There is a standard charge of $25 for a lost book. Alternatively, a lost book may be replaced with a like-new copy.