For HER: Health, Empowerment, and Respect

Too many struggle with midlife women's health issues without information or personalized support. This can affect work, relationships, social life, mental health. It is isolating

You are not alone. 

We are building a tool and community of support for you to have personalized support to live your best life.

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We want to hear from YOU about what would best help YOU achieve wellness and quality of life according to YOUR values. 

What we heard from you

We interviewed over 250 women and heard:

"No one told us."
Unsure what is normal to feel or experience.
Feeling "gaslit" by the system and not believed.
"I felt like I was going crazy" until she spoke to another woman going through the same.
Want to maximize non-medical, lifestyle options but also be pro-science and safe.
Want to understand how to stay healthy and well in midlife and beyond.

Women are seeking health, empowerment, and respect. 

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We are an early venture start up under development and do not provide medical advice.

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We are an early venture start up under development and do not provide medical advice or medical care.
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