Quality of Life

“Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined” -Toni Morrison

There is something called "patient reported outcomes" (PROM) or "patient reported outcome measures" (PROM) that are a way for you to "translate" what you are experiencing into what the system understands so you can be heard

You get to define yourself.

"Quality of life" (QoL) can mean different things to different people. It is one way to communicate with doctors, nurses, insurance, employers on how severe things are and why you need and deserve support and care. It helps you get heard.

Have you ever tried to explain what is going on and you feel like you can't get through? You aren't heard?
That might be because others are the ones in control of labels or definitions needed for access.

"QoL" measures things like how well you can do things you want or need to do in your daily life or for important activities. Is your health getting in the way of work, going to family events, doing housework, going on vacation, doing tasks for daily self care (like showering, getting dressed)? Once how much your function is affected, then you can do what is called "shared decision making" with your clinician to identify your goals and design your personalized journey to get to better health and function.

With digital health you can improve your quality of life from the comfort and privacy of your own home and community.