Our Promise to You

We understand women are concerned about privacy. We are very intentional to build in a way that protects you and your privacy. We respect consent and choice. Our founder has worked extensively with refugees, undocumented, and marginalized populations. We promise to respect and protect your data privacy.

We are intentional in trauma-informed approaches.
We will strive to ensure community safety while remaining inclusive. We cannot promise to be perfect but we will try our best.
We encourage women to create herds with shared values, preferences, and norms. We do not all have be in the same herd.

We understand women are diverse and consider differences beautiful. It is not our place to define you for you.
Because we are a small and early stage venture, we do focus on just one part of women's health instead of the full range of reproductive health across the age, gender, or condition spectrum.

We are committed to improving science for all of us and hope to expand to serve more people in the future.