STEAM Resources

for Deeper Learning

Driving Question: What resources do students, teachers, and families need to support deeper learning outcomes?

Deeper Learning Resources

Henrico is redesigning its curricular, instructional, and assessment supports and resources to bring the Henrico Learner Profile to life. The District’s commitment to technology innovation will empower equity and achievement for all learners. This redesign includes resources that support District efforts for Transformation:

  • Introduction to Transformation and Deeper Learning - Online Course
  • Deeper Learning Curriculum Design - Unit Plan Framework, Design Principles, Design Rubric
  • Authentic Learning Experiences for Deeper Learning (authentic assessments, performance, etc.) STEAM

“The modern world demands more knowledge and skills than ever before. To become engaged citizens and to succeed in college and careers, our kids will need to focus on English and Math alongside social skills and academic mindsets.”

Barbara Chow, Hewlett Foundation, Program Director