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“Stop asking students what they want to be. Start asking them what problems they want to solve.”

- Dr. Cindy Moss

Deeper Learning Through STEAM

The future demands problem solvers.

Whether enrolled, enlisted, or employed, each community member must apply their knowledge, skills, and attributes beyond the confines of one specific discipline if they are to contribute to a thriving local and global economy.

In alignment with the Deeper Learning Model and the Henrico Learner Profile, Henrico County Public Schools will incorporate a STEAM approach into the learner experience. Stakeholders across the learning community will work together to ensure equitable, sustainable, and authentic STEAM experiences that prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s future.

By weaving this integrated approach into the curriculum while offering opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, HCPS strives to ensure that all middle school students have access to experiences in which they can apply their learning and deepen their understanding in an authentic context within and across STEAM-related disciplines.

STEAM encourages students to design solutions in a real-world context, developing and applying knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, the arts and Mathematics through an interdisciplinary approach that mirrors the world outside of the classroom walls.

Students engaged in STEAM learning experiences:

  • Apply life-ready skills and core content knowledge across disciplines
  • Participate in hands-on learning driven by inquiry, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • Broaden their interest and expand their talents in STEAM-related fields

Goals for Henrico STEAM