STEAM Goals in HCPS Schools

Learning partnerships with parents is a critical part of a student's education and success. HCPS strives to ensure all students have access to experiences in which they can apply and deepen their understanding across STEAM-related subjects. Take a look at the FAQs of STEAM in Henrico and also view additional resources to support your child in their learning through STEAM.

What can I expect for my child with STEAM in HCPS?

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Supporting STEAM Learning at Home - Idaho Commision for Libraries - resources page for parents - National Science Teachers Association - parent page with tips, books and resources - DuPage County Public Schools - parent page for families to discover STEM at home - See your local branch for details on STEAM programs and resources.

What opportunities are available for my child with STEAM interests?

As each of our school communities are unique, check with your school for enrichment offerings.

Fostering Student Interest in STEAM Fields - Science Museum of Virginia - Science and STEM exhibits and experiences for kids of all ages - RVA STEM - Richmond and Virginia area STEM related camps for students

What are career pathways offered in Henrico County Public Schools for my child's interest in a STEAM career?

HCPS CTE offerings - -

HCPS Specialty Centers -

CodeRVA Regional High School -

Career Connections to STEAM Fields - Code VA - student programs - STEM Village - Choose a career to see the importance of STEM skills. - Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Education - STEM Career Clusters - Virginia Career View - STEM related jobs

We are always looking for input to improve our programming and would love to hear from you!

HCPS STEAM Parent Input Survey