Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship

At the Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship, students take immersion Spanish classes during all four years of high school. In addition, students take at least one year of another world language and have the opportunity to travel and study abroad. Students gain a respect for the diversity of languages, backgrounds and values. Insight into the structure of the English language is expanded. Students also acquire an understanding of the close connection between language and culture and the nature of language. They develop creative expressions and logical thinking and are able to communicate and exchange ideas and information. Further, students are empowered with the sense of an international community.

The Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship was founded in 1993-94 and referred to as the Foreign Language Immersion Center at J. R. Tucker High School. We are proud to continue this tradition beyond our second decade. We offer high school students an opportunity to prepare themselves to thrive in a society that is rapidly becoming global in nature.

By taking advantage of the opportunities we provide, students can develop a very high level of proficiency in Spanish, which is a language of major importance in the world today. The course sequence starts in the ninth grade, and participants normally have already had one year of study in the language they choose to pursue. Exceptions can be made for highly motivated and talented students.

For additional information contact:

Suzie Hester, Director

Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship

804-527-4600 ext. 7