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Instructional Technology

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Henderson County believes in several core values. Two of those values are to "Be The Change Agent" and "Inspire Human Greatness". Those values feed the mission of providing extraordinary educational opportunities for every student. Because we believe that students deserve the best educational opportunities we also believe in teaching them the hard and soft skills needed for their future.

The district has a strong history of academics as evidenced by the outstanding metrics of K-Prep scores, ACT scores and graduation rates that place Henderson as a Distinguished District in KY as well as leaders across the nation academically. We also have a first class career and technical education program equal to no other in the state and a pre-K school devoted to preparing our students for learning . While continuing strong academics we now also turn to the educational technology soft skills of the 4C's that will move our students beyond graduation (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity). These skills are not shown on any of the tests that the state requires, yet it is expected that students learn and apply them to be successful leaders in our society.