Hemet Unified Behavioral and Mental Health

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Multi-Tiered systems of support (MTSS)

The MTSS Framework is incorporated by considering the 8 dimensions of wellness and using a coordinated care model to support the whole child and their family. Coordination of Care is commonly used in Health Care settings to ensure a patient receives comprehensive care that is characterized by cross-collaboration, effective communication, and shared action. These practices allow us to address the need of the whole child.

Multi-Tiered System of Support Graphic. Contains large umbrella depicting MTSS as the umbrella term for a variety of supports. Under the umbrella is images depicting positive peer relationships, family engagement, coordinated care, nutriction and lifestyle, mental health, academic rigor and professional development for staff and teachers.

MTSS includes the 8 dimensions of Wellness and Coordination of Care, click the pictures below for more information.

Wellness Infographic demonstrating pictures of the 8 domains of wellness, occupational, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, finacial, intellectual and environmental.
Coordination of Care Infographic contains similar images located in the MTSS slide. This image shows a student at their desk in the middle and all around the student are the aspects of the whole child a school must consider. Such as friend, physical health, academics, sports, fitness, family, mental health, peers, graduation and college

At HUSD we coordinate care through use of site based CARE Teams

This is an organizational chart showing the flow, function and purpose of the care teams.

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