The Green Panthers

Welcome to the Green Panthers' webpage.

We are a group of grade 7s and 8s who joined together to help save our environment. We entered in the Great Waters Challenge. We started off by introducing our selves in the first challenge (check the challenges column to see who we are and what watershed we belong to) and we had so much fun while learning. We hope we can get people to join us and make earth a better planet!

We have helped the earth in may ways with the help of the ECO club at our school.

Our school does it’s absolute best to be environmentally friendly! We always thrive for more. We started with a silver, then on to a Gold Eco School Certification. We didn’t stop there. We continued to put more effort and last year we got platinum certification. This year we’re trying our best to do more and maintain our platinum status.

We're always trying to create new ways to get everyone in our school involved with the environment such as contribute in the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ contest. We made a milk bag sleeping mat for people living in Haiti, started doing New Year’s Eco resolutions for the whole school to contribute to. We occasionally have people come to our school to inform us, like the Halton Waste Management company. Some students are sent to places to learn about the environment like going to watch David Suzuki’s speech or an ECO workshop. When the students come back from these trips, they teach their class and the ECO club about what they learned while they were there. Thanks to Mr Dinner, we were informed about a Staples challenge and the Great Waters Challenge! Finally, we have announcements everyday to remind the whole school about the ECO related events coming up and we put up posters on a bulletin board for everybody to see when walking by. Day by day, our school becomes more ECO friendly!