Math Problem of the Week

Each Week, there will be a new problem posted for the 5/6 and 7/8 level. It's worth noting that this won't always line up with our curriculum and might include content from later in our year or in grade 8 and beyond, so you might need to do some work on your own to figure things out. This is an extra task you can choose to tackle if you want. It doesn't count towards your mathematics grade (although it will probably help you get even better!), but might towards learning skills! What great initiative!

I won't be marking these, but feel free to ask about a problem in class or at break or whatever! If you choose to tackle POTW, please make sure to share your file with me so that I know you are completing them each week!

TO OPEN: The letter tells you the grade level (B is 5/6 and C is 7/8). The problems are sorted by number, so the first problem of the year is 01, the second 02, etc. The P or S is to tell you which is a problem and which is a solution. Each week there will be a new problem posted on Thursdays, as well as the previous weeks solution to check.

If I am slow in posting or you wish to try an easier/harder problem, you can find the problems here