The best thing you can do to help your child is give them some time to read, to create, to build and to be themselves

Aside from our Home Reading, I will not be assigning regular homework. Why not?

Still, there will be things students can and should work on at home. These include...

Finally, some students may struggle with certain concepts or might wish to complete extra work to cement an idea. I will list some resources in our google classroom as we work through them, but here are some great websites to visit if you feel like working on your own through a topic.


ReadWorks.org - a great site we will use in class as well. Kids can check out the class library to read non-fiction at home


Gizmos - I will post relevant gizmos each unit, but students can use their accounts created at school to explore on their own as well

Khan Academy(5) - this links right to the 5th grade section of their program. Follow along! (note: this is set at an American curriculum, but most things align fairly well. Feel free to jump back or forwards through the grades)

Geogebra - a great site students can explore aspects of geometry and algebra - work on shapes, perimeter, areas, etc. Also a great place to get virtual manipulatives for work at home


Khan Academy Coding - learn various aspects of computer programming

Scratch - my favourite coding site from MIT