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Top Links

DDW Website and DDW Twitter - keep up to date with our school

Our Google Classroom - our main source of work, links and updates (link coming)

Mr. Johnston Youtube - I post videos, especially math strategies

Elementary Internet Tools - a great site that links to our databases and more

Our Library - check out what's happening at the DDW library


Halton Cloud: Google Docs for Education for Halton. Create documents, spreadsheets, drawings, mindmaps, videos and much more.

DDW Library: search the library from school or home.

Prezi: create a free student account and make amazing presentations.

Scratch - program through blocks, make amazing things!

Khan Academy - watch videos, do assignments on all areas - especially strong in Math


Dreambox: Kids can build math skills and strategies at home or at school.

Map Math - a site with a lot of little games for all strands

Cool Math 4 Kids – neat little mini games for math

Math Magician – are you up the challenge?

Fuel the Brain – more great math mini-games

NCES Kids’ Zone – more great math games

AAA Math – another math site with practice questions

Virtual Manipulatives from Geogebra

Number Sense and Numeration (operations)

Grand Prix Multiplication - race against other players, your speed increases as you get facts correct (pro tip: you can use the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys to get the answer in quicker)

Drag Race Division - same as above, but division facts

Math Fact Shootout – fun way to practice math drills – +,-,x,÷

Math Man – PacMan, with a math twist!

Math Race! – race around using multiplication skills

Deep Sea Dual - play a card game with an Octopus

Concentration - match the numbers in different representations (as a fraction, percent, etc - varying levels)


interactive 3D nets – prisms

interactive 3D nets – pyramids

protractor challenge – try it out and see how awesome you are with a protractor

3D tin – amazing online site for 3D geometry – free, nothing to install, runs entirely online

Decimals, Fractions, Percent

Math is Fun – Great site for working with all three – scroll down to the pizza (fractions), Hundreds chart (percent) and number line (decimal)

Tank Battle – convert and shoot!

Language (English)

Epic: a site that has thousands of books to read. non-fiction, fiction, novels, it's got it all. Our class code is ???

ReadWorks: another site that has a lot of articles. Students can choose books at their own reading level (600-700 is grade 4, 700-800 is grade 5, 800-900 is grade 6, 900-1000 is grade 7)

Wordle: a site that allows you to organize text in a neat, visual way

Learn to type: learn to type to youtube music videos – really cool!

Altec Storyboarding: amazing site for making storyboards

Guys Read: a great boys literacy site

Writing Cube!: great (and fun) way to plan a written piece (narrative story, biography, etc – or create your own!)


Canada Food Guide - learn about healthy eating

Interactive Nutrition Label - explore the label